I am not fond of raw food. That is why I was not excited at all when my cousin invited me to eat at the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Sumi Robata. Don’t get me wrong. I am a foodie and always will be. I love trying new restaurants and new cuisines that would excite my palate. But I just really draw the line in eating raw foods. I just cannot take it. Give me exotic food that is cooked just right and I will eat it whatever it may be. But not raw food. No matter how wonderfully presented the food is. But my cousin really wanted to try Sumi Robata so I reluctantly went with him to this new place in town.

When we got to the restaurant, I can say that the ambiance offered an authentic Japanese feel right away. They made use of precision resistors wiki properly to create a Japanese ambiance.  The staff was dressed up in Japanese kimonos. There were tea cups, tea kettle, chopsticks, and condiments on the table. The walls were decorated with Japanese paper fans and picture frames with Japanese characters on them. When we got the menu, my eyes immediately went to their rice bowls. I usually order Tonkatsu in any Japanese restaurant that I go to because I do not want to try their other dishes and specialty which involve raw foods. I love Tonkatsu because I am assured that it is well-cooked inside and out. The shredded cabbage and the special Tonkatsu sauce are plus factors too. But just when I was about to order my usual serving of Tonkatsu dish, my eyes drifted to the appetizer part of their menu and I saw these rounds balls on the picture that looked so appetizing. They are called Takoyaki. I got curious about how it tasted so I ordered Takoyaki aside from my Tonkatsu. Meanwhile, my cousin made sure he had his fill of sushi and sashimi.

When our orders arrived, my cousin devoured his sushi and sashimi right away. He mixed his own combination of sauces and wasabi to get the perfect taste. I must say I love the food presentation in this restaurant. If I did not know that they were raw food, I would have eaten them myself because the food was presented so appetizingly.  The Takoyaki balls were served hot so I could not eat them right away. Takoyaki is one of the most famous street foods in Japan. It is made of Dashi-flavored batter with octopus, tempura scraps, and vegetables – thinly sliced red ginger and green onion to create a flavorful dish. The takoyaki balls were topped with a special sauce and Japanese mayo along with some dried seaweed and bonito flakes. When I tasked the Takoyaki, I must say I have turned Japanese in an instant. The flavor and the texture were perfect. I fell in love right away. I would definitely come back for more. Tonkatsu and Takoyaki are my favorite Japanese dishes!

Authentic Sushi and Other Japanese Dishes at Sumi Robata Bar

the food at Sumi Robata Bar

Are you fond of eating Japanese Dishes? Do you fancy eating sushi and sashimi? Then the food at Sumi Robata Bar should be on the top of your list of favorite hangout place here. Many restaurants often claim that they sell authentic Japanese cuisine. But none of them can compare with the food we offer here. Fresh from our sources locally, every ingredient is immediately used to create one sumptuous dishes after another. This is personally handled by the master cook himself – Yuki Sugimoto.

All cooks and assistant cooks we have here at our restaurant came all the way from Japan to give you the best experience when it comes to cooking Japanese food. They brought with them the legitimate Japanese way of preparing your food. We are not simply talking about flavors although that is one reason why customers flock here day and night. We are talking about the artistic way they present your food which would encourage you to take picture after picture before you take a bite. We know how Japanese are very fond of cute designs on almost everything they possess. Here at Sumi Robata Bar, you’d have a clue how true is that.

Japanese cuisine is popular due to its sashimi. This is a plate of raw kinds of seafood cut into bite-sized pieces and served with Japanese soy sauce and wasabi. The seafoods usually included in a sashimi plate are salmon, Bluefin tuna which is also known as the maguro, chub mackerel, squid, and octopus. The same seafoods mentioned are also used in creating other types of Japanese dishes such as the sashimi salad and an assortment of sushi. Although there are those who are adverse to eating these raw products, they usually love them when they got a taste. This is why it is of utmost importance for every Japanese restaurant to make an instant impression when they serve their food. With Sumi Robata Bar, you’d never have this problem.
sumi-robata-bar | sashimi

Japanese food aside, our restaurant also serves sake and bottled cocktails. This is a good accompaniment to your food or a nice way to pass the time as your grill your own food. We also have delicious ramen here which noodles are made from scratch. You can make your own ramen here so that you’d have the whole experience. We have a ramen bar which has all the ingredients of a ramen that you’d love. This is especially good during the cold weather.

Sumi Robata Bar is a Japanese place through and through. You cannot deny this as you enter our premises alone because this is evident in our minimalist theme. Even our newly installed garage door which we commissioned from Tempe garage door repairmen has a Japanese touch. All of our tables and chairs here are imported and handcrafted from Japan. These are made with your comfort in mind.

While not drive out of your garage door today and head out to Sumi Robata Bar so you can have an idea of what we are offering here. We promise you that you won’t regret it.