Ask The fresh new Nuwaupians, Exactly who and you can exactly what are the Anunnaqi?

Ask The fresh new Nuwaupians, Exactly who and you can exactly what are the Anunnaqi?

Malachi York, in line with various other career pseudo college student Zecharia Sitchin, York parrots new fallacy the “Anunnaqi” is actually people that “Anu sent to World.”

The above mentioned comments was a verification one to York are completely lost and you may know nothing about this topic and that misinformed his website subscribers regarding the .qi “people who Anu sent off out of eden so you’re able to environment”

The fresh support documents for d-a-nun-na, along with those individuals to have dingir-gal-girl and rest of the said headings is solely recognized into the literary messages. They aren’t said in various management data that has to perform towards products supplied to various gods. There are even zero temples which were generated holy on Anunna or other of the various god groupings. This shows that people on the veneration of your Anunna didn’t have a large affect society means.

dingir-a-nuna =NUN, through to the plural suffix of personal form –ene an effective-nuna-ke-ne31. Sporadic spellings without jesus-determinative come in new inscriptions out of Gudea that have a couple of exceptions. Also utilized in texts and therefore for all of us lay inside the existing-Babylonian tradition. But not, you to does not locate them when looking at the latest incantation texts of the fresh new Ur III time, and just seldom inside later messages. The latest spelling danuna, that is native to the existing-Sumerian orthography, appears twice about Gudea-inscriptions, that will be way more prevalent throughout the dated-Babylonian transcriptions. New texts off later on root are occasionally printed in conformity that have more youthful normal particular the brand new Akkadian, dingir-a-nun-na-ki as opposed to d-a-nun-na-ke-(e-) ne da-nun-na-ke

The guy carries the brand new epithet out-of NUN. His town is additionally known having NUNki . Those people who are said into the an old invocation titled a great-nun-na-eriduki…danuna of the part of Lagas? as well as the danuna from Nippur have been from the the period already attested so you can.

Just like the dad of one’s Anuna, “An”, Anu for the Akkadian, the best goodness of the Sumerian governing pantheon was required to usually come. A passageway regarding the “Lamentation regarding Aruru”, 7 of captain gods, An, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninmah, Nanna, and you may Utu decided to go to the female gods.They could maybe not, excite him or her (nu-mu-ni-in-hun-e).

1-eleven. In those days, regarding the days whenever paradise and world are available; in those night, in the night when eden and planet are designed; in those age, throughout the age if the fates was indeed calculated; when the Anuna gods was basically born; in the event the goddesses was in fact taken in wedding; when the goddesses have been marketed inside paradise and you may environment; if the goddesses …… turned pregnant and you will provided beginning; if gods was in fact required (?) …… their dining …… restaurants halls; this new elderly gods oversaw the job, since the minor gods was basically results the new toil. The brand new gods was in fact looking the brand new canals and you will turning up this new silt into the ?arali. The new gods, smashing brand new clay, first started complaining regarding it lifestyle.

Anuna ?(Gods, the) seeds/sperm of one’s Earliest are, suits the new point out that the newest genitive matchmaking need exists

New Anuna within this or other Sumerian tablets doesn’t use the title, “Anunnaqi” as there are Zero Sumerian text message mentioning, .qi “people that Anu delivered off from paradise to earth”

is the identical for heavens, heaven or deity, Anu and additionally bares that it indication. It is used in the new preposition as a great determinative (classifier) before divine brands.

This is basically the same regarding danuna because it’s a divine title. I consulted Sumerologist Dr. John Halloran and he confides in us one,

To answer practical question, who will be the initial and you will what is their connection with NUN,‘ one is trigger Enki from Eridu

da-nun-na(-ke4-ne): the latest gods as a whole; the latest gods of one’s netherworld, as compared to the dnun-gal-e-ne, the good gods of paradise.” John Halloran