Costs and pricing plans at a glance

Costs and pricing plans at a glance

Basic info about naughtydate

This is a website owned by the Together Network, which specialized in casual and sex dating. It is prierican and European markets and has more than 300,000 unique logins every month and more than 750,000 registered users from around the world.

Brief overview

As a brand-oriented primarily towards casual encounters, Naughtydate is a great option for singles looking for some fun online. Most of the users are under 35, although there are a lot of older members as well. However, with nearly three-quarters of its membership being male, the site can be a little bit intimidating for an average female user while men could have difficulty finding partners.

Simple and intuitive sign up process

The process of opening an account is very simple and can be completed in several minutes. It involves an identity verification step executed through e-mail, and a personal photo is required to become a registered member. You will also be asked about your age, gender, and sexual orientation, and this info will be visible to other members. Only people older than 18 are allowed to join, but there are no restrictions in terms of your country of residence. Once you choose your username and password, you will be able to access the main website and flirt with people you like.

Structure of members and profiles

The demographic composition of membership at Naughtydate is quite diverse, both in terms of age and geographic distribution. The largest percentage of both male and female users are in the 25-35 years age bracket, but there is a surprisingly large number of people over 55 (especially guys) looking for quick sex on this online platform. The website is very popular among North American users, and nearly 40% of all profiles are from the United States, with Australia, United Kingdom, and Poland among other nations with a sizable presence on Naughtydate. A great majority of users are looking for heterosexual hookups, although LGBT persons are welcome to join if they wish and may be successful in their search. Poor gender balance is the only real drawback of this website, as men are more than three times as numerous as women, which complicates matchmaking to a certain degree.

Safety tips

Like any other online dating site, it’s advisable to be cautious and discreet when you are playing on the internet through the Naughtydate app. Despite the verification requirements, there are some fake profiles on the website that could engage in deceit or catfishing. However, such users are typically easy to spot, so you can stop exchanging messages as soon as you realize something is off. It’s better to communicate only with people with multiple photos on their profiles, as they are more likely to be genuine. Regarding financial transactions, Naughtydate is generally regarded as a safe site, and there are no reports of misconduct of any kind. Still, it’s advisable to be extremely cautious with your personal data and never release any sensitive details (i.e., home address, bank details, etc.) to people you just met online. If you adhere to those basic safety measures, your experience on this dating site should be overwhelmingly positive.

Real naughtydate reviews from satisfied users

‘I am amazed how much easier it is to hook up with someone for sex using this app! Instead of partying all weekend long, with a Naughtydate account, I can just pick the hottest girls and arrange real-life meetings right away! It’s totally effortless and a lot of fun!’ – Randy, 32

‘As a divorced woman with a liberal mindset, I enjoy talking about sex with strangers openly. Naughtydate provides me with that option, and that’s why I keep coming back hookup spots Hervey Bay to it. The freedom I feel at this site doesn’t compare to any other environment’ – Lucy, 48

‘A friend told me about Naughtydate, and at first, I didn’t take it seriously. When I realized that he is going out with a different woman every week, I finally decided to give it a try. Now I wonder how I didn’t discover this great dating site and joined earlier.’ – Terry, 27

To gain access to the full features of Naughtydate website or mobile app, you have to purchase a premium membership. There are several packages available, so you can choose one that best suits your intended use of the site as well as your budget.