Hold existing with press announcements detailing investigations, indictments, policies, information releases which you donaˆ™t typically discover on MSM.

Hold existing with press announcements detailing investigations, indictments, policies, information releases which you donaˆ™t typically discover on MSM.

Or, look to their archives to review older paperwork, like those from earlier administrations.


This might be a great site if you want to reports drug makers, their medication, legal actions, and recalls.

Encrypted E-mail

Utilize ProtonMail encrypted email to guard your self as well as your suggestions.

Administrator Instructions

I manage a webpage on here with an email list and hyperlinks to any or all professional purchases.

FEC aˆ“ Lookup Campaign Resources

Government Election fee aˆ“ find donor contributions to promotions.

FBI Press Announcements

Hold latest on investigations, arrests, and announcements. You may test testimony to ongoing situations including video clips, speeches as well as other subject areas.

FBI Vault

The Vault may be the brand new FOIA collection, containing 6,700 papers and various other media which have been read from report into digital duplicates so you’re able to see them into the convenience of your property or office.

Government Audit Clearinghouse

The picture administration System (IMS) is actually an internet question program for people to question and install solitary review states on organizations.

Federal Procurement Information System

The government Procurement Report data can be used for geographic assessment, markets review, and review of influence in the congressional and presidential projects in socio-economic avenues including business. The data is a qualified grounds for computing and evaluating the influence of government exchange rules and control enhancement. Type aˆ?contractsaˆ? into the search club and you can search a multitude of federal contracts.


If you find yourself wanting to monitor a specific flat, or even the activity of planes in a specific neighborhood, this is a proper opportunity website for this globally. It allows you to select a plane acquire additional info.

Global Experience Chart

Real time global chart monitoring person trafficking events and development, emerald alerts, woodland fires, infection episodes, HAZMAT scenarios, group task, line safety, Presidential risk, terrorism happenings, medicine interdictions, non-terror aviation incidents, food/medicine incidents.

Bing Censorship

Venture Veritas: Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Uncovers Google want to counter aˆ?Trump situationaˆ? in 2020 on Hidden webcam. Summer, 2019.

Federal Government Records

This collection has electronic forms of US national paperwork as well as other government documentation.

Federal Government Grants

Want to see in which a number of our income tax dollars are getting? This is a searchable databases for national funds.


A handy way to discover debts that are planned, as well as hot expenses, and the capability to browse all expenses by class.


ICANNaˆ™s WHOIS Lookup offers you the capability to lookup any universal domain name, eg aˆ?icann.orgaˆ? to discover the subscribed website holder.

IndexMundi aˆ“ International Studies

IndexMundi have in depth nation research, maps, and maps put together from multiple root. You’ll be able to check out and study thousands of indicators organized by region, country, topic, industry sector, and kind.

Effect See

Informative data on over 6,500 community plan influencers on need.

Inspector General States

All Federal Inspector General states in one location.

Overseas Consortium of Investigative Journalists

A conglomerate of leakages from Panama reports and haven forms with investigations by reporters into western Africa leakage, China, the U.S. and a lot more.

Exactly The Exact Development

Your place for unfiltered federal government records, releases, and comments, searchable by group.


Press announcements, department tips, and info.


LittleSis is actually a free databases of who-knows-who on heights of company and federal government.

Lobbying Disclosure (Workplace in the Clerk)

The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as revised by Honest management and start national Act of 2007, requires all productive registrants to file quarterly activity reports aided by the Clerk with the U.S. House of associates and assistant regarding the U.S. Senate. Side Note: this is an excellent starting point, though we realize they normally use all kinds of shenanigans to evade or mislead whenever eharmony filing this type of papers.

State Archives

This great site is a cash cow! It gives the complete archives of Obama, Bush II, and Clintonaˆ™s administrations, and a wealth of some other searchable documentation. An example may be the internet based databases of traveler introduction registers and immigrants going back to the very early 1800s.


Online paper archive with 10,400+ periodicals from the 1700saˆ“2000s. They put further content month-to-month.

Obama, Barack

Chronological checklist by location/date of Obamaaˆ™s travel routine during his presidency.

Overseas Leakage Database

This ICIJ databases has information about more than 785,000 offshore agencies which happen to be a portion of the Panama documents, the overseas leakage, the Bahamas leakages and Paradise reports research. The info discusses almost 80 decades to 2016 and hyperlinks to prospects and firms much more than 200 nations and areas.

Start Corporates

Super open database of corporations showing the organization info, when and where it was licensed, together with the branches.

Start Says