Normally the secretary was sacked the same time frame if the master are, nevertheless looks Asasexy managed to wait

Normally the secretary was sacked the same time frame if the master are, nevertheless looks Asasexy managed to wait

Hokutoriki was released together with his tradea henka’ed to their remaining. Any surprises? Better perhaps not at the beginning except that both included a third in the power to their unique respective techniques. They then went for tsuppari, but neither surely could complete the various other off with many ooh and aah minutes until Kimurayama at some point destroyed the balance and landed on his butt all by himself. The call was hiki-otoshi, nonetheless it had been mostly just a screw-up by Kimu.

Together with the some other Kaze taking up Tokusegawa the audience is reaching the very first half of initial 1 / 2. Fun so far? Don’t think so. Fast efforts from espresso to improve to 3-1. Tokusegawa needs to regroup really.

The awaited bout of one half in my situation will be the after that one. Mokonami vs. Goeido. Go recharged and went when it comes down to remaining external clasp, but he had been too much to the left. He tried to slap Mokonami straight down through the position, but Moe failed to want an item of this cake and instead taken decrease themselves. Great fluctuations from Moe and extremely bad sumo from Goeido. And there I became wanting Go to go dual digits this basho. Bah.

Better Yoshikaze performed a quick job by asking with a cruel nodowa that increased Tokusegawa upright and looking at the ceiling following moved to an area and drawn him down

Next up Aran the recovered obtained nice Zoe the mad fur golf ball. But to be honest Really don’t should speak about this fight because this involved because ugly as is possible with a vicious punch to the back of Kakizoe’s mind that sent the fur golf ball to the clay before the Gyoji been able to also begin the fight actually. Terrible extract and even that vacant leg-sweep don’t allow it to be any better. But Aran is 4-0 now that three currently great gains and that any got just plain ugly.

Tosayutaka came out with all weapons blazing and was able to push Tenho around a quite, in the conclusion Kyokutenho’s skills and energy only happened to be much greater that it did not take long for Tenho to place the child up-and escort your out

Hibiki believed his adversary is Okidoki and he ended up being correct. Confused? Close. Well never miss out the genuine complement next for Toyohibiki was released together with his A game and even a decent charge from Okinoumi did not let as Hibiki charged with his upper body and accompanied through with great and accurate tsuppari animated Okidoki backwards right after which right before the tawara heading all in when it comes to strip and sending his foe to their next loss. Good things from Toyohibiki, carry-on.

Da dick took on the Mawashi, but Tamawashi believed in another way while the two crashed and locked in the center of the dohyo. From that point it had been all Tamawashi, just top milf sites who overpowered Kokkai and delivered your . A fine job for Tamawashi to equal the get at 1-3. Both bring about as much gains because they are entitled to. I have been waiting around for Kokkai to re-discover the winning side of things, but that certain stop by at Sanyaku many years right back need become a freak crash as he’s hardly scraping their wins along in the reduced Makuuchi today.

Following the pee-break and trade of MIB we were because of the match of Asa assistant appointment Tokitenku. Today the guy energized, grabbed the remaining outer and pulled Tenku down. It was over so fast that even about replay I became baffled just how Tenku fell into that pitfall since there is no genuine sideways activity from Asasekiryu. To be honest I expected Tokitenku to perform much better using this range, but i suppose I found myself misled by wishful wondering.