OnI applied for a payday loan with Ace Cash Services

OnI applied for a payday loan with Ace Cash Services

This has caused me to be extremely upset and I am scared to death that I’m going to lose my job, my house, everything. I looked up the details and policies on Instant Cash USA and nowhere does it state that you have to participate in their membership and/or if there are any fees for membership or anything like that. Apparently, once you fill out the application (unbeknownst to you), they send you an email which gives you the opportunity of declining the membership. But if you don’t reply to their email, it’s an automatic yes that you agree to the terms.

They seem to think that I owe them for a loan

00 up to $ where when I saw them, I immediately called my bank and did a stop payment, because I did not authorize any such transaction. I called several times asking what this was for and they kept saying it was a membership fee. I told them to cancel whatever membership it was and to stop any future withdrawals. Each time, I was told that it would be. It didn’t. I thought because I had done all the stop payments this was the reason for the lawsuit but apparently that’s not the case, because it sounds like this has happened before.

After I had filled out the information, I was getting 4-5 direct withdrawals from my bank account from these people ranging from $20

It’s 8:00 am Friday morning (4/) and I’m at the office scared to do anything. I’m so afraid that my boss is going to call me in his office and tell me I’m fired. I cannot concentrate on my work and this is driving me insane.

I called them to ensure proper processing of the loan. I was directed to check my e-mail and sign so that there would be no problems with the transaction that would take place and everything went according to plan. On I received a call from Instant Cash USA and the representative asked me if I wanted to barrow money. I advised the representative that I did not want their loan. The next day to my surprise two hundred dollars was deposited into my account. I wanted to return the money and I have been trying to locate this business but to no avail. I have no e-mail from them, no phone number. This transaction was performed without my consent. I borrowed the money that I can pay back. This situation will cause me to go through unnecessary hardship.

I am dealing with threatening phone calls from gentlemen with foreign accents. I never signed or received any funds from them, but they continue to repeatedly call every day for about 2 weeks now. The phone calls are originating from several numbers including California and payday loans in Bristol TN Texas. Something needs to be done about this! What should I do in the meantime? Absolutely nothing resolved. I am still receiving the threatening calls.

Over the last week j tried borrowing 5 grand to help pay for my wedding. I contacted Easy Loans USA and they said that I was approved for the loan with a 150 processes fee and additional 240 for the bad credit I have and then 390 for taxes on a loan I never received. If anyone has figured out a way to get their money back please let me know.

I received a phone message last Thursday, 10-10-10, from someone who had to speak to me immediately regarding an “urgent” issue. He identified himself as Don ** (hey, how was that Miami Vice gig?). He said that if I didn’t return the call, he could not be held responsible for the consequences that I was about to incur. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide any info regarding what I was to incur or the consequences for. The next day I called the number and was told by Deanna ** that I had not paid back a payday loan from Instant Cash that I received in . When I asked where she was calling from, she said that she was from the California State Attorney’s Office. Long story short, I started asking a boatload of questions, knowing that this was a scam. They finally hung up on me.