The brand new cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the largest of your own three insane kitties when you look at the Canada and you may are an overwhelming hunter

The brand new cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the largest of your own three insane kitties when you look at the Canada and you may are an overwhelming hunter

Cougar Picture

Also, they are labeled as mountain lions, pumas and you will panthers. They are strict carnivores you to definitely mainly feed on deer in addition to their shipments and this aligns highly with your a couple of deer variety. This type of kitties are light brownish during the the color and they are quickly known of the its compact direct and you may a lengthy heavier end which is about you to-third the length of themselves and it has a black colored tip.

Cougars be the cause of around dos,five hundred calls toward Preservation Manager Service reporting range yearly, but not of a lot advertised cougar sightings become animals most other than just cougars. Cougar symptoms are extremely unusual, but when you encounter a beneficial cougar, remain relaxed rather than manage. Make yourself research as large as you’ll be able to and you will back away slower, keeping the new cougar because, and you will allowing a clear log off to your cougar. When the attacked, usually fight back and never “enjoy lifeless”. When the travel that have little ones, get them instantly. Youngsters are very on the line within the a great cougar come upon as well as is coached simple tips to operate rightly (pick “College students and you may Cougars” into the “Safety”) to remain safe.

So you can declaration cougars incompatible, sightings within the cities, or an excellent cougar appearing unusual or competitive conduct, phone call the fresh new Maintenance Officer Services on step 1-877-952-7277.

Crazy Cougar Items

  • Cougars can also be dash to around 70 kilometer/hour
  • Cougar tracks tend to lack claw scratching while they has actually retractable claws
  • Cougars was generally distributed through the BC and have the among the largest variety ranges regarding the North hemisphere
  • Cougars will be biggest wild felines from the province followed closely by lynx and bobcat
  • Cougars are rigid carnivores that usually have a look deer but they are identified so you can destroy most other ungulates including sheep, elk and you can moose, along with quick mammals


Cougars include white brown for the the colour having light spots beneath the jaw and underside. They’re recognized by its compact direct and you can long heavier tail that’s about you to-third along themselves and contains a black suggestion. Cougar tracks possess large embroidered images no claws demonstrating. Such as for example home-based pets, cougars continue the claws retracted up until you’ll need for fighting the victim or climbing woods.


Cougars try single pets for the reason that they don’t work with someone else getting survival intentions apart from whenever lady that raising its more youthful of course mating. However, latest studies show one associated cougars usually mingle temporarily at the destroy internet sites. Cougars tend to usually spouse year round but in western Canada discover an increase in mating and you can birthing between May and you can Oct.

They often possess any where from one to half a dozen kitties however, around three ‘s the average. Kitties are still employing moms and dads up to they are 11 in order to 18 months dated and you can afterwards commonly move trying to find a different sort of area to settle within the. Guys often leave earliest and will roam a lot of time ranges whenever you are female have a tendency to settle in this and around the city where they certainly were born.

Cougars is carnivores and their main prey try mule and you can light-tailed deer; nevertheless they victimize all other ungulates used in the range including . During the cold temperatures nonetheless they target on moose, beavers as well as porcupines. On the uncommon days they might be recorded so you’re able to eliminate short mammals, birds and you will reptiles.

Because the deer meetmindful ne demek are among the cougar’s primary food sources, there is an excellent probability of interested in cougars having fun with a place in which deer is actually numerous, specifically a beneficial wintering town.

Highest prey takes a number of days for eating and cougar will eliminate particles over the carcass to store off scavengers. The brand new cougar will stay close a kill webpages, back again to it on a regular basis until the target is wholly ate. For those who stumble on a kill, log off the space instantly and you can report the spot to help you regional authorities additionally the BC Maintenance Manager Services during the step 1-877-952-7277.